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New and improved Engine House

Welcome to the new and improved Engine House Café!

We, at The Engine House Café have worked hard to offer you the best dishes and freshest pastries in Leeds. Whether you are out for a business lunch or simply want to indulge your sweet tooth, The Engine House Café will surely have something for you, which is guaranteed fresh and cooked to the high standards of both our head chef and pastry chef. The Engine House Café also offers a seasonal menu, a wide-range of breakfast selection, pastries and amazing drinks for all occasions. Our kitchen is spearheaded by two remarkable chefs.


The Engine House Café is a dainty, cosy place that is perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and family. We welcome reservations and will see to it that you and your company are well accommodated and taken care of. We are also ideally located near the Leeds Train Station which is perfect for anyone who wants to grab a quick bite or have a pastry or beverage on the go. For those who want to dine in, The Engine House Café has a car parking area directly in front of it which is safe and well-lit in the evening.


Regardless of how you want your food or what kind of food it is that you enjoy, the talented and experienced chefs at The Engine House Café will have something that is nothing short of mind blowing. At The Engine House Café, we do not only pay particular importance to the food alone but also want your dining with us to be an experience, a journey from the moment you enter our Café to the moment you leave. Every single thing has been meticulously planned to make sure that you have a great time with us.


The Engine House Cafe’s head chef and owner is Marcos Silva. Chef Silva’s aim is to bring world class dishes and culinary experience to Leeds. He wants his diners to explore new dishes and not only stick to the conventional and traditional dishes. Chef Silva has years of culinary experience under his belt and has also worked in several international food establishments. Expect nothing but the best dishes to emerge from his kitchen. Chef Silva is known for his fusion dishes and how he combines flavours to create a new masterpiece that is unique to our Café.


We, at The Engine House Café are also proud to have Neelam who is our pastry chef. She, just like Chef Silva, is excited about discovering new flavour combinations that the patrons and new customer of The Engine House café alike, will surely love. Chef Neelam will have a variety of pastries that she will be serving the guests of The Engine House Café every week to accommodate new patisseries to her collection and in order to cater to the taste buds of more people.

Welcome to the new and improved Engine House Café! Our food menu has a large variety of options for you to enjoy, why not take a look.


2 Foundry Square, Holbeck, Leeds


Monday to Thursday 8am - 4pm, Friday 8am - 4pm and 6pm - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm and 6pm - 9pm,   Sunday - closed


Phone: 0113 391 2980


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